Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A trip to Tokyo part 2

From the restaurant to my goal at Maruzen I visited several places. First was a chocolate shop. They had just opened this year. It was pretty unique. They made chocolate balls with fruit inside. I sampled one. I didn't like it. Then I walked past the area in Yotsuya where M and I used to play bridge. That brought back some memories. Then I heard the church bells ringing. It was time for mass. I located the St. Augusta church and entered just after 1pm. The mass had already started. It was packed with people. I was lucky find a seat. I stayed for about 10 minutes. It was rather boring. It is the same kind of mass as I used to go to when I was a kid. I left and found myself at Sophia University. It was closed. I continued on. I stopped in a Maserati car dealer. VERY expensive. I didn't buy one. Then I continued on. There were not many people nor much traffic. I walked on the shady side of the street. Finally I arrived at the Imperial Palace's Hanzon Gate. I had a choice; go left or go right. Going right would take me to the Hibiya area. I chose left. That would take me to Kita-Maru Park. I chose left. And that was lucky. The East Palace Garden was opened to visitors this day. I went in. It's free.

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