Thursday, October 24, 2019


A big typhoon hit Japan on Saturday, October 12th. How did it affect you? I was scheduled to (supposed to) teach from 9am to noon at my school and then going to the Kenkatsu Center to teach two adult classes. Well, those two Kenkatsu classes were cancelled and we cancelled our Saturday. I called all the moms on Friday to let them know (to inform them). So, I went home Friday night by bicycle, enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal and finally to bed at 10:30 as usual. The next day we were stuck (unable to move) in the house all day. It rained and rained. The wind was howling and blowing. We watched the news anxiously. Will we have to evacuate our place? There is a road below our house that often floods. (See pic) It did this time, too.  But it didn't affect us. That was good. So many rivers overflowed. Again that did not affect us. I played some of my games and watched TV. The rest of the family watched TV. Of course we all ate together. It was only a day to wait until the storm passed. I went to sleep early. I didn't even drink! I saved that for the next day.

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