Thursday, October 10, 2019

Rina's birthday

My brother came to Japan to attend our daughter's wedding and explore Japan. One night we took them to a Okonomiyaki shop in Ueno near near KappaBashi. For Rina's birthday last week we went there again. I was surprised that the owner (master) recognized (remembered) us. We had four kinds of dishes. Of course they were all delicious. Do you like Okonomiyaki? We also had drinks. I was not driving so my son-in-law and I shared some bottled beer. Then we got some sake. Then he ordered a summer watermelon flavored cocktail. It looked fruity...not my style. Then we had some more sake. And then we had another sake. That was more than enough. Our daughter turned 30 years old this day. We all had a busy Sunday Before visiting M's sister's house we went to clean the grave. I was pooped (very tired) by the time we finished dinner. We drove the young couple to their place in Souka. We said good-bye then M drove home. I slept all the way. 

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Bro Greg said...

Very good story telling. I think that was my favorite restaurant in Japan. Will definitely
have to back when we return