Wednesday, October 23, 2019

My new toy...a globe

I purchased a globe. Do you know what a globe is?
globe (noun) = a map of the world in the shape of a ball and attached to a support, that can be turned around at the same angle as the earth turns in space. 
There are many kinds of globes. There are small ones and htere are medium ones and there are big ones and some very big ones. Of course the price differs (is different) depending on which one you get. Long ago I bought a globe. I got it at a discount because it was outdated; that  is, the two Germanys united and this globe still had east Germany and west Germany on it. So long ago. It was 30 centimeters. I went to Maruzen in Tokyo. They have globes on display. They range in price from \5,000 to \1,800,000. I wanted hte latter but it was just too expensive. But I could see that the bigger size was better. It was easy to read and had much extra information on it. I considered my budget and the size and decided on one. It was \500,000. The size is 40cm. Back at home we found the same one on-line for only \43,200. We bought that one on September 30th. It was just before the tax increase. It was expensive but I am worth it. I use it everyday. 

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