Wednesday, October 2, 2019

St Nicholai Cathedral Part 1

I took another day trip to Tokyo on Sunday, September 15th. I had two goals. One was to visit the St Nickolai Cathedral in Kanda, Tokyo near the Ocha-no-mizu train station. The other was to buy a DVD. I went to the cathedral for the first time early this year. Perhaps it was February or March. Anyway, when I first entered the church I was amazed. It was very old and very holy. (Amen!) There were lots of candles and paintings and gold and doors and stained glass windows. I decided I must come and see a mass here. The mass starts at 10am. So, on this day, I walked from Tokyo station to the Cathedral. It was a beautiful sunny, Sunday morning. There were hardly any people. I could walk to my destination going straight north from Tokyo along Hibiya-Douri. Later it became Hongo-Douri. And that is what I did. But! All of a sudden at Yasukuni-Douri, the road was blocked to all traffic. What was happening? Well, there was a marathon trial for runners for the 2020 Olympics. I waited 20 minutes and they finally came. That was cool. Then I went underground to cross the street and continued on my journey. I arrived at the cathedral at 9:50. There was plenty of time to prepare. 

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