Friday, October 25, 2019

Miwako's recital

My lovely wife, Miwako, has several hobbies. One of them is to practice the piano. She told me that she used to take piano lessons when she was a kid and older but then she quit when we got married. Ten years ago she bought a used piano and it is in our living room. She is very earnest in her piano study. She takes piano lessons every week. She is also a member of a Big Band. That is a group of amateur musicians who play saxophones, trumpets, the drums, trombones and of course the piano. They meet twice a week for rehearsals. They do performances two or three times a year. Miwako practises hard. I think it is more than one hour a day perhaps five or six days a week. Every once in a while I am at home when she practises. It's interesting. On October 14th her band gave a performance at the Saitama City Kita Ward office. Our family went to see it. They were cool. They played three numbers (songs). Unfortunately the teacher couldn't come this day. That was because of the typhoon and heavy rains. Anyway, all went well. Afterwords our family went to a nearby Denny's for dinner. It was a nice holiday for us.

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