Tuesday, October 29, 2019

A trip to Tokyo part 1

I had a plan to go walking in Tokyo. It was to walk from Shinjuku station to Tokyo station. I checked my maps. I made my plan. It was to walk from Shinjuku station to the Shinjuku Gyoen. There I would enter and visit the Botanical Gardens. Then I wold walk along Shinjuku Douri to the Imperial Palace. Then I would walk to Tokyo station to buy a book at Maruzen. With that plan, I took my time in the morning. I didn't eat breakfast. Why? So I could try some food in Tokyo. The weather was very nice this day. I left Okegawa station at 9:00.  I arrived Shinjuku in 40 minutes and set out. I got to Shinjuku and met some people from the USA. They were from Cleveland Ohio. That is not far form Detroit, my home town. I got my half price ticket (senior discount) and went straight to the Botanical Gardens. It was warm inside and all the plants were as beautiful and wonderful as last past time I visited last year. Then I got back to the main road leading to the Palace. I was getting hungry so I went to a restaurant. It was 11:00 and they just opened. It was Indian and Thai cuisine. I got the Thai lunch. It was pretty good. So, with a full stomach I headed out again.

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