Friday, October 18, 2019

Rugby at Kumagaya Stadium Part 2

It took about 15 minutes by bus. The stadium was very nice. We were early. And we got to our seats soon. I did not want to drink beer this day. On the other hand, my son-in-law was very eager to drink beer on his day off. He played rugby for three years in high school. So he explained many of the rules to me. That was very helpful. The fans were filing into the stadium. Then we saw something interesting. Maybe 500 or 1,000 elementary school kids came in and sat in the end zone seats to our left. They were wearing yellow hats and cheering all game for both teams. That was cool. Our seat we neat the end zone. Then the players practiced then the game began. It was so interesting to watch them play. Those players are big and tough! Unfortunately, things did not go well for the Americans. At half time the score was 19 to 5 in favor of Argentine. The second half was the same as the first. The Argentine team was i complete control. The final score was 47 to 19. We left soon and got on a bus to the station. It was quick and easy. We took the train. I got off at Okegawa and said good-bye and Thank you to Masaharu. What a fantastic day off.

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