Thursday, September 12, 2019


I visited team labs PLANET TOKYO Sunday August 25th. Why? Because Several students took one home stay student there during his visit to Japan. They told me that it was so much fun. Well, it's in Tokyo and I have never been there so I decided that I must go. I purchased a ticket on line Saturday night for 9AM. I went on Sunday and after my b-fast at Rokurinsha I made my way (went to) Shin -Toyosu station on the Yurikamome. I found the place and got in line. Then I got lucky. I struck up a conversation with hte two young ladies in front of me in line. We decided to visit together. One of them spoke very good English. It is difficult to explain every thing that I experienced in this place. First you must take off your shoes and socks and put them in a locker. You are barefoot the whole time you are inside. There are dark rooms. There are rooms that are all mirrors. There are rooms that have water in them. One room had huge balloons. There are lights and CG displays in the walls and floors. It is like a FUN HOUSE. I laughed a lot and really enjoyed the experience. You should try it.

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