Friday, September 20, 2019

Adventure Part 3

So, I returned North. My second mistake was that I thought the next god statue was at a park. I had circled the place on my map. Unfortunately for me, this god was at the station not at the park. It is the HigashiOjima station on the Teio Shinjuku line. I asked one lady walking her dog where the god was. She told me that it was in front of the staitn. However there are three entrances to the station. I drove to one. There was no god. I asked one mom and she told me how to get to the god. I followed her instructions and found it. Then I headed for the final god. This is the northern god in front of Suido station. Of course I drove to the wrong entrance. I asked directions again and finally found it. Whew! I took my pictures then headed home. Again I checked my maps. I had a good idea, but just in case I checked the compass in the phone. It said I was heading west. That was good. I  was now driving in Tokyo proper. I recognized some names and bridges and areas. I followed some cars and then I saw a sign for KUDANSHITA. OMG! I think I know that. I made two lefts and followed my instincts. Perfect. I was right in front of Tokyo station. This was great as I wanted to buy some books at Maruzen. Success. (Continued next Tuesday).

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