Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Adventure part 4

After buying my books at Maruzen it was time to head (go) home. My plan was to go take route 254 to Kawagoe then turn right and go straight to my house. I had parked in front of Maruzen. As it was a Sunday it was free for one hour. I started. I headed for the Imperial Palace. It was 11:45am. Bad News! Traffic was not allowed to enter the main street due to some regulation this day only. I made a quick right turn ans headed to Yasukuni Douri. I found it then wanted to go to Route 8. According to the map this would take me to Route 254. It wasn't very crowded. I drove at my pace. No worries. Then I made an error. I changed my plan when I saw a sign to my right that said Route 8 MEJIRO. I took it, but I was gong to Mejiro station. OMG! Big mistake. I stopped at a store to get my bearings (look at the map and find my location). I was off course. I got back on 254 and then headed straight for Kawagoe. BUT...this route was only one lane all the way. I was expecting the two lane (both sides) route that I have travelled In Kawagoe. Plus there was an accident. It took nearly two hours. I finally got home around around 3pm. I was home, safe and sound. Time to go to he gym, then relax with some sake. I was pooped, but what an adventure.

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