Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Adventure Part 1

I left PLANETS TOKYO fun house before noon. My next plan was to have lunch in Tokyo. I decided to walk from ShinToyosu to Toyosu station and get the subway. When I arrived at Toyosu station. I happened upon (found by chance) a statue or, a monument of sorts. It was pretty cool so I took a couple of pics. There was also a placard explaining what it was. I didn't understand the meaning so I photographed it, too. I showed it to one student. She explained that there are four such statues in Koto-ku, Tokyo. They are Chinese gods that protect from the four directions, namely, north, east, south and west. We looked at a map of Tokyo. She searched the Internet for the locations of the statues. We found them and then circled them on my map. With that, my next Tokyo adventure was set. I decided to go and find these three statues on the following Sunday. I also decided to go by car. I also decided not to use the highway. I also decided not to use my car navi or smart phone to assist (aid, help) me. I would use my maps and good sense(?). It was a bold plan. "Boys be ambitious!" 

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Bro Greg said...

Great story, interesting and informative. Keep them coming.