Friday, September 27, 2019

Bertold Bayer

We have friends who live in Hamburg, Germany. They are Bertold and Keiko Bayer. Bertold is a retired clarinet player with the Hamburg philharmonic symphony. He is a cool guy. (He climbed Mt. Fuji in one day one of his may visits to Japan.) Of course his wife is Japanese. She teaches music in Germany at a university. She is cool, to. They have one daughter. Her name is Rina, just like our daughter's. We met by chance 15 or 20 years ago at the Kenkatsu Center. I was teaching and they were performing on stage. Anyway, they visit Japan regularly and we meet when our schedules match. This time we went to the restaurant "AzumaKura" (also known as "Bunraku") in Ageo. We have been there before as well as several other places together. This time we talked and ate from the delicious menu provided by this restaurant. There were eight of us. Our daughter and her better half (=husband) as well as their daughter and her S/O (Significant Other) joined us. It was lively. There was English, Japanese and German conversations going on all together. We hope ot meet again on their next visit.

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