Thursday, September 26, 2019

Sumo by Eiko

I went to see Sumo with my husband. We root for Mitakeumi, who is from Nagano prefecture. We waited for 1 hour at the gate as the Sumo wrestlers entered. Finally I was able to take a picture of Mitakeumi. We bought two towels with his name. Kokugikan was full. The atmosphere was lively. Mitakeumi had a match against Ichinojo. Ichinojo is a very big Sumo wrestler. I  supported Mitakeumi by spreading my towel and taking photos. Mitakeumi defeated Ichinojo. The Sumo finished at 6pm and then we went straight home because it looked like to rain. And it was raining when we got off the bus near our house. We got soaked in the rain. Except that, it was a wonderful day.

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