Thursday, September 19, 2019

Adventure Part 2

It was Sunday, September 31st. My adventure began at 6:50am. That was the time I left my school for Tokyo. I had all my maps and notes in the car. My objective (goal) was to find a photograph the three other gods that protect Koto-ku. They are located in the north, east and south. I already met the one in the west at Toyosu station the week before. My plan was to not use the hi-way. I would go to old Edo by Route 17 and return by Route 254 to Kawagoe and then home. Why? Several times during trips to Tokyo I saw the road signs that said Rout 17 here and there. I also once walked Route 254 to Korakuen. I looked at my maps. It showed that 17 ends at 254 and then picks up again later. Then 17 makes three lefts and then right turns in the heart of Tokyo. This wold take me to Route 14 where the treasures lay. So, I started with route 17. And all went as planned. However it worked so well that I went straight to the southern god in Wakasu campsite first. Oh well. But, I was so happy to see it from the car. I parked, got out and took its picture. Then returned north to the god in the east. Then my second mistake happened. (continued tomorrow)

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