Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Rokurinsha revisited

Rokurinsha is an udon shop in Tokyo station. It is on B1 on "Ramen Street". I went once in July. I had a plan two Sundays ago so I added another visit to Rokurinsha for breakfast. I arrived there 7:10am. As I was getting in line, one tourist was anxiously looking here and there and got in line in with me. I struck up (began) a conversation with my usual "Can you speak English?". From there we chatted until hte shop opened at 7:30. His name is Michael, he's from NYC, he's 28 and this is his first visit to Japan. He told me that he has been to several other Asian countries an that his father's name was also Rich. When the staff guy approached us I said "two" and we got our tickets at the machine. Michael said he was hungry so I suggested the most expensive meal. I got the \730 one. We sat at a table. We talked as we ate so I was able to explain some things about Japan that he didn't know. At the end of the meal, I took a toothpick to clean my teeth and he did likewise (the same). I motioned that he should cover this action with his left hand. Then I told him to say "Itadakimasu" as we were finished eating. He was grateful and a good "student". We went outside for a picture, walked down the hall and then separated as I entered the train station. Cool.

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