Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Alas, poor Rick

I BLOGGED last week that I was into Shakespeare. I wanted to read his plays and then watch performances of the same plays on my TV. I actually read "Twelfth Night" twice so I could understand it better. It is not so long. Then, we ordered a set of his plays on DVD from the BBC in England. They finally arrived after more than a week. I was as excited as a kid at Christmas. I opened the package up on a Friday night. I took out Twelfth Night. I put it in the player. I got instructions from family members on how to set it up to watch it. When it finally was ready I pushed the GO button. Nothing happened. My daughter searched the NET and learned that DVDs from England cannot be viewed on Japanese machines. Woe is me! I called two bookstores in Tokyo. Only Kinokuniya has DVDs of Shakespeare. I went there. They have a very limited amount. And you cannot order them. HOWEVER, I just found on the Internet that you can buy plays from England and watch them on your computer. So, hopefully, some day soon I can say "All's well that ends well." 

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