Friday, September 13, 2019

Alice in Wonderland

Have you ever seen the movie or animation "Alice in Wonderland."? I've seen both. The animation was made in 1951, produced by Walt Disney. Yes, he is Mickey Mouse's creator. The movie with Johny Depp came out in 2010. I like both equally. Have you ever read the book? I read it last month. Actually there are two stories in the book. One is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and the other is Through the Looking Glass. I was surprised to learn that the movie and animation were made from both stories in the book. For example:
In the Alice in Wonderland story:
1. Alice follows the White Rabbit down a hole to arrive in wonderland.
2. The rabbit is with here all he time.
3. She drinks potions to make her large and small.
4. She meets the Dodo and Bill and the Caterpillar and the Cheshire cat and.
5. Alice meets the Red King and Queen.
6. She plays croquet with  a flamingo.
7. There is a trial to see who stole the tarts.
8. She meets he Cheshire Cat.
In the Through the Looking Glass story:
1. Alice enters a strange world by going through a mirror.
2. She meets the talking flowers.
3. She meets Humpty-Dumpty.
4. She goes to a tea party with a dormouse and
5. She meets Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
6. She meets the white queen.
7. There is a tale about the walrus and the carpenter.
This story is based on a chess game. She has to cross the board to become a queen herself and return home.

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