Thursday, September 5, 2019


August 13th was the third day of our trip. The weather was still fine. After breakfast we left our hotel and left for the island of Shodoshima. We got to the ferry dock in plenty of time. We got our tickets and drove our car on board. The trip was smooth with calm seas and blue skies. When we disembarked (got off the ferry) and drove straight to the olive center. I am sure you know that the island is famous for olive groves and olive products. We were there for over an hour. We got our souvenirs here. We also had some olive soft cream. Yummy! We then drove to our next hotel. On the way we saw a lot of Shoyu factories. (There was a 'Shoyu soft cream' but we didn't try it. Too Bad!). Before checking into our hotel we drove further along the coast to a special place. It is where the Japanese TV drama "24 eyes" was shot (made). We had lunch there. Then back to the hotel to check in. There are three buildings with two rooms in each building. Our room faced the ocean looking down at hte beach. Excellent. I took a dip in the sea in the evening when the sun was low. Why? Because I didn't want to get a sunburn. Then we had a gorgeous dinner at 6pm. We dined alone. The other guests came at 7:30. That was cool because we watched the sun set. Lucky us!

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