Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Wedding

The wedding was wonderful. The bride and groom were a very handsome couple. The chapel, the hall, the dinner were all excellent. The people were all smiles and exuberant. "Thumbs up" to all the staff! My first task was to introduce our family members in attendance to his family and vice versa. The groom's father went first. That gave me a heads up as to what I should do. He read from some notes. I had a list that my wife made. I practiced it but I was nervous. I made one mistake. But all went well. Then there was the wedding in the chapel. I walked my daughter down the aisle and "gave her away." Tears came to my eyes. Next, the reception and dinner were all excellent. I didn't drink as I had to perform again. This time my brother and I were on stage singing "I've been working on hte railroad." When I first heard of the wedding and that my brother would attend, I decided that we will do this song. Our father used to sing it a lot when we were young. It was a tribute to him. That went pretty well. And the audience loved it. Later we all changed out of our costumes and went our own ways. We went out for dinner and drinks with Greg and Mary. 

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Eiko said...

What a wonderful wedding!