Thursday, June 27, 2019

Driving to Tokyo

I was busy last Sunday. My daughter got free tickets to a concert at Suntory Hall in Tokyo. She gets tickets there every now and then (sometimes). So, we were all invited to go. I decided to kill two birds with one stone. One of my goals these days is to explore and know Tokyo. I have made numerous (many) trips to Tokyo by train. I also travelled around Tokyo by subway as well as walking. So, this time I decided I will drive to Suntory Hall to see the concert this day. Usually if we go to Tokyo Miwako drives. She is an excellent driver and is very at ease (comfortable) driving in Tokyo. This time, I took the wheel (drove). First, I checked the Internet to see what the course would be. It was very straightforward (simple/basic). So, we left at noon and headed to Highway 5. That starts at the Yono entrance. I drove over the Arakawa River and into the metropolis. I found Highway C1, but it went left! I thought it would go right. Miwako saved me. Then we got off at the KasumigaSeki exit and drove along the Roppongi Douri as the Internet said. We found Suntory Hall. Success!

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