Friday, June 21, 2019

The 119th US Open Golf Championship

The 119th US Open Golf Championship was held at Pebble Beach in California form June 13th to June 16th. I became interested in these golf tournaments this year. One reason is because we can watch them live on TV. The times are very early morning. This fits my schedule to a tee. (Joke) That means that it fits my schedule perfectly. Why? Because I get up early in the morning and usually start teaching around 10AM. I watched Friday and Saturday AM as 156 players tried to make the cut. After two days of golf only about half (79) made the cut. Then these 79 players competed for the next two days. The first two days start very early in the morning, Japanese time. Actually they start near midnight. And they finish around noon. The final two days have the best 79 players competing. The best players tee off (start) last. It was rather exciting. There are too many stories to BLOG about. But one of my goals is trying to remember the players. I know many of their names but I don't recognize their faces. The winner this year was Gary Woodland of the USA. He was tough, mentally and physically. And the course course was so interesting. It is Pebble Beach, California. Have you ever been there?

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