Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Golf by Atsuko

The hay fever season is over and the fresh green is dazzling now. It's a good season for my hobby, golfing. I just can't wait for the next round. I also like practicing and often go to the driving range. Futatsuya Golf Garden is my favorite. However, I didn't expect them to go out of business last March. It was well-equipped. You can practice your approach, putting and bunker shots. There is no comparable place anywhere. You can imagine how disappointed I was. I had been a member there for 15 years. Of course, my goal was to hone (level up) my skills and also just to enjoy hitting the balls. That can help me to relieve stress. I often took part in their golf competitions and played with members who I didn't know. Meeting new people opens my outlook to different things. It is so much fun! I spend a wonderful golf life thanks to that. Now I have to find a new practice range. I am looking forward to new beginnings. 

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