Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Gregory and Mary Part 1

Our elder daughter got married May 19th. My brother decided to visit us here in Japan and attend the wedding. He lives in Florida. My brother is two years older than I am. He is retired. He worked as an engineer in Detroit, Michigan (which is our hometown) for 50 years. He is a great man and a fantastic brother. He came with his wife, Mary, on Thursday, May 16th and left Japan on Saturday, May 25th. For about three months before he came we mailed back and forth about what he would do while they were here. He looked up a lot of information about Japan and Tokyo on-line. He booked his hotel on-line. It is right next to Ueno station. They arrived Narita on May 16th and traveled to Tokyo by train. The very next day they went to see the Shibuya crossing and meet Hachiko. Then a walk down Takeshita-doori in Harajuku and finally to Shinjuku to go up to the top of the government building to see the view. Continued tomorrow.

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