Wednesday, June 19, 2019

My new rain coat

I ride my bicycle to school and back to my home 5 times a week. That is the average. Sometimes it is 4 times and sometimes it is 6 times. So, I have to be prepared for every type of weather. When it is very hot, I have arm and neck covers and a large hat. These protect my body form sunburn. When it is cold I have a heavy coat and warm undies. When it rains I need rain gear. These include rain shoes (not boots), a raincoat and pants. The raincoat is Gortex. It is rain resistant and it breathes. That means that you don't sweat under it. Recently I bought a new one. Why? Because my old one was, well, old. The rain resistance had gone. My arms got wet inside when ti rained. And ti wasn' as warm as before. It was about ten years old. I bought it at Sogo department store. It was red. I really liked it. I even wore it when I climbed Mt.Fuji. There happened to be a typhoon that day. It really saved me. So, the new one is also red. Why? That color is easy for drivers to see me in the rain. Plus, I like red. AT Sogo I met the same lady who sold me the rain bottoms. She didn't remember me but I remembered here. That was OK. The rain pants are just fine. So, I am prepared for many rainy seasons to come.

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