Friday, June 14, 2019

A night out Part 2

So, dining and drinking at Daitorio was fun. First, a toast with beer. Then came Hoppy. I tried it but I didn't enjoy it. It tasted like licorice. So, I got some Japanese sake. The food was good. We also got friendly with the server. His name was Hashimoto. He was a young, cool guy. So, about 8PM we decided to leave. Our next destination was Omiya. At the platform, we suddenly decided to use the Green Car. Unfortunately, many more people were using the Green car. Kenny got a seat. That was good because he is the oldest. Ken and I couldn't get a seat. We had to stand up until SaitamaShinTouShin station. Finally at Omiya we went to one of Kenny's watering holes. Surprise! One of the servers was a friend of mine from Omiya. We left there and went to the station. Kenny left us so Ken and I went to one of Ken's watering holes. But it is full of whiskey, not water. That place was cool, too. I remember trying a couple of whiskeys. I was pretty drunk by then. I decided that we should take a taxi back home. His home is near Ageo station and mine is in the countryside of Ageo. I only remember waking up alone in the taxi. We were lost but I finally got home. That was some fun! Thanks!

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