Friday, June 28, 2019

Concert at Suntory Hall

I drove my family to Tokyo. Why? My daughter got free tickets for us at a concert at Suntory Hall in Ark Hills. This concert took place in the Chamber Music Garden. We arrived early and had a bite to eat in the court outside. The food was pretty bad. Fortunately, the concert was very good. It lasted three hours including the intermission. There were several quartets. They included performers from Armenia, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Austria and Hungary. There were also many Japanese performers. It was almost entirety string instruments; violins, cellos, violas and bass fiddles. There was a piano, a snare drum a French horn and a clarinet. At one time there were 25 violinists on stage. This was pretty cool. They were mostly young Japanese ladies. They played "Adagio for Strings" which is the theme song for the movie Platoon. I didn't know that. There were a lot of elderly people in the audience. I noticed that more than a few were nodding off (sleeping) at times. I didn't sleep.

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