Thursday, June 20, 2019

My bicycle hand covers

I bought a new raincoat. I wrote about that in yesterday's BLOG. And I said yesterday I ride my bicycle in every type of weather. If the temperature is mild,  as in the spring or fall, I go by bicycle. If the weather is very cold, as in winter, I go by bicycle. If the temperature rises (goes up), as in the summer, I go by bicycle. Of course, I wear different clothes for each season. And in the cold weather I wore gloves. Unfortunately I have lost my gloves. I haven't seen them in a long time. I have no idea where they went. They are gone! (with the wind?). So, I was considering (thinking about ) buying new gloves. However I have seen many ladies (not the young kind) rode bicycles with special hand covers. They look to be for noot young ladies. And, they also look very practical. Let's see...they can keep your hands warm in the winter. They can keep your hands dry when it rains. And they can prevent sunburn in the hot, hot summer. So, I went to my favorite bicycle shop in Okegawa. I buy all my bikes there. And now I bought the handle grip covers there, too. Look at the pic. Cool?

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