Wednesday, June 12, 2019

New Copier

I have three machines that I use regularly at our school. I use then almost every day. They are my computer, my printer and my copy machine. We purchased (bought) the computer and printer. We bought a rather expensive computer this time. I always  bought the cheapest ones before. But now my Internet access is fast. That means I do not get frustrated with waiting or sudden shut downs while watching a site. The printer is cool, too. It was less than the computer. However, it has many parts that need replacing periodically (regularly, OR every so often). Those parts can be expensive. But, it is easy to use and the prints are perfect. Of course it is color. I need that for several documents. On the other hand, we lease the copier. We lease from CANON. We get the cheapest one. It is a five-year lease. It prints only black and white. I remember our first copy machine. When they came to take it away, I felt a little sad. But, now I am used to it. Actually, this time our copier had some trouble. The lease was up in October so the timing was right. And, we got the exact same model as always.

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