Thursday, June 13, 2019

A night out Part 1

I've been going to Tokyo almost every Sunday this year. It is my new hobby: exploring Tokyo. Actually it was very beneficial when my brother arrived here in Japan for our daughter's wedding. With the knowledge I gained form those trips to old Edo, I cold advise him on where to go. I also explained about the Yamanote line and how convenient it is. He liked that. He also did research on his own, too.  He found sites telling about Tokyo: where to go and what to do. But, now the weather will make going to Tokyo harder. For example, first the rainy season is coming. (I hope we have lots of good rain.) And then the hot, hot summer. So, I am considering thinking) about what to do. And when Kenny suggested that we go drinking in Ueno on a Saturday night I was very interested. Why? Because I study Tokyo and 2. I want to drink. Another student, Ken, joined us and we went to a very famous Izakaya called "Daitorrio". I couldn't believe that area under the Yamanote line, in the AMEYOKO district. It was so lively. There were people everywhere sitting in drinking/eating shops that were all open in the front. It was exciting! Continued tomorrow.

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