Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Gregory and Mary Part 2

The next day was Saturday, the day before the wedding. I had to teach until 4:30. But as soon as my last lesson ended I went to Ueno to meet them at their hotel. It was grand! We hadn't met in 12 years. He and his wife looked fine. We were in the hotel lobby. After lots of hugs and black slapping, I suggested that we practice our song. We planned to sing "I've been working on the Railroad" at the wedding. That was the next day! So, we practiced. No worries. Then we went to the other side of the station to meet Miwako and our younger daughter, Eri, for dinner. That was fun. We didn't have reservations, and it was Saturday night in Ueno but we got lucky. We sat at a table for four with no problem. Of course they know M and E from before. Especially Eri visited them in Michigan eight years ago when she was studying up in Canada. Greg and Mary could not use the chopsticks right away. They were also unsure about the food. But once they got started they said everything was "Del-li-cious!" They really liked the Japanese beer and sake, too. We didn't drink much (I didn't drink at all as the wedding was the next day) and all went well. The hotel location was excellent.

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