Friday, June 7, 2019

My friend's smile by Ayako

I saw my friend smile for the first time in a long time. It was a really happy smile. I had not seen her smile in three years. Her husband died three years ago. He died suddenly from a brain infarction. Then, two years ago her son got divorced. Last year her daughter was fired form her job. Every time I meet her, I see tears in her eyes. She always has negative thinking. However, recently she has changed. She began learning English at Shane. She says that English class is very difficult. However, it looked like fun. However her teacher changed in May and she lost her energy again. She had her old teachers e-mail address. Last Friday she wrote to him for the first time while she was at my house. She immediately received a reply from him. She shouted with great joy. It looked like she had won the lottery! Then last Saturday at my house, she e-mailed him again. I have never seen her look so happy. I want to keep seeing that smile. Unfortunately, he didn't reply to her for a week.
"No matter how old I get I never want to forget the thrill in my heart."

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