Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A day trip to Tokyo

I made a day off a couple of weeks ago. I did so by asking for the morning off from my kindergarten lesson. With that, I was free until 5 pm that day. I had hoped to go to see a Kabuki play. But, to my dismay (sadness), there was no Kabuki that day. I then considered (thought about) going to Disney Sea. However, I heard horror stories about waining in line for an hour or two. I nixed (cancelled) that idea. So, I went to Tokyo station at 8AM and had breakfast at the restaurant KAJITSUEN. It was lots of fruit and a crepe. Pretty good! Then I went to Ebisu to visit a the offices of a business acquaintance. Then I went to Roppongi. I wanted to visit the BUNKITSU bookstore. I wanted to buy a book, too. However, they didn't have the book I wanted so I didn't go in. So, I went to Maruzen in Tokyo to buy my book. But first, I walked around the Yurakucho area, for about an hour. Actually I was lost. Then after the book store I had a quick lunch at a small restaurant in Tokyo station. I was back to my school by 2:30. It was a fun, leisurely adventure in Tokyo. 

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