Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Misao's Story 4 of 6

Part 4
Day 8
Tetsugaku no Michi (Philosophical Path). Nanzenji Temple
   It was a fine day. I left the hotel alone by bus. I got off the bus at the “Kyodaimae” stop and I walked slowly along the “Imadagawa Dori” to Ginkaku Temple.
   About 30 years ago my son lived in the neighborhood for four years. Walking in this area brought back many memories from those days. The “Philosophical Path” leads along the waterway form Ginkaku Temple to Nanzenji Temple nearby.
   In the Meiji era Ikitaro Ishida, who was a famous philosopher and a professor of Kyoto University, strolled along this path thinking. The name of the “Philosophical Path” originated from his name. By the path side many hydrangeas were in bloom. And the reflections of green maples trees were swaying slowly in the waterway. And there were some small stone statues, small cafes and quaint studios. In addition, a cat was basking in the sun. How peaceful the atmosphere was.
   On the way to Nanzenji Temple a man who came from Nara spoke to me. We talked about Nara and Kyoto and this and that. According to him, his wife passed away last year. So, he felt lonely. And he was as old as I was. I was very sorry to hear that. I felt as if it were my own affair.

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