Friday, August 9, 2019

Misao's Story 2 of 6

Part 2
Day 3
Arashi Yama.
   We went to Arashi Yama. It is located in the western part of Kyoto City. It is famous for the Togetsu Bridge. The Togetsu Bridge was built in the early ninth century. It was built across the Katsura River against the background of Arashi Yama. The fresh green of the scenery relaxed me.
   I cherish an old photo. It was taken by the Togetsu Bridge with my grandparents, parents, brother and me when I was three years old. The two Togetsu Bridges are almost the same. I felt as if time had stopped.
   There are many temples shrines and beautiful gardens around Arashi Yama. A crowd of people were taking a stroll. There were some foreigners in Japanese kimono. We all enjoyed a stroll.
   After that we went to Suzumushi (bell-ringing crickets) Temple in the suburbs of Arashi Yama. There were about four thousand bell-ringing crickets in the hall. The name of the temple originated from the chirping. That’s why the temple became popular as Suzumushi Temple.
We listened to “Suzumushi sermons” in the chirps by the priests. The sermons were very humorous like Japanese Rakugo. We enjoyed them very much.
   Walking along the stone fences covered with moss and bamboo groves made my heart refreshed.

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