Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wimbledon Tennis Gentlemen

Miwako enjoys watching the Japanese star tennis player, Nishikori Kei, play in pro tennis tournaments. On the other hand, I was never interested in watching tennis. But, I have seen Mr. Nishikori lose to Federer and Nadal and Djokovic many times. They are the top three tennis players in the world. This time Kei-kun lost to Federer in 4 sets after winning the first set. Next Federer defeated Nadal from Spain in four sets. I recorded that and watched it. And Djokovic beat Batista Agut, also from Spain, to reach the finals. I watched a little of that, also. Now the stage was set (it was time) for the final at center court between Djokovic (Serbia) and Federer (Sweden). First, let me tell you that it took 4 hours and 57 minutes to complete the match. Wow! I recorded it and watched it Sunday morning. It was classic. It went to a tie-breaker in the final set. In Wimbledon, the tie-breaker is a maximum of 24 games. And this time the score was tied 2 sets each and 12 games each. So, finally there was the tie-breaker. Djokovic won this 7 to 3. So he is the Wimbledon Champion for 2019. It was great. 

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