Thursday, August 29, 2019

I was nearly the victim of a fraud case by KUMA

One day, I was walking up on the pedestrian deck at the west side of Omiya Station.
I realized that a man was coming close to me.
“Hi, long time no see. How are you ?” He said to me.
“I’m sorry I don’t know you.” “May I ask who you are ?”
“I was a sushi- nigiri chef, working for Azumazushi, already retired.”
“You often came to our shop with your customers. I’m glad you’re fine”
He gave me a hug many times. And he asked me. ”Why don’t we have a drink ?”
I repeated that I don’t know you.
He even put his hand on my waist. I immediately left here saying I was busy.
I was nearly the victim of a fraud case. The number of healthy seniors are increasing.
But some of them are short of money. So they behave like an old friend, intoxicates
his mark, and eventually steals his wallet. That is to say, before drinking, we have to
decide who to drink with these days has become the most important matter.  

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