Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Misao's Story 3 of 6

Part 3
Day 5
Kifune Shrine
   It was raining in the morning when we left our hotel for Kifune. Kifune is in the northern part of Kyoto City.
   After about two hours we got to Kifune entrance by bus and train. On the way to Kifune there were many green maple trees along the road. It was like a green tunnel. The train slowed down when we got to the beautiful view.
   We walked along a grove in the rain and reached the Kifune Shrine at last. Many red colored lanterns were lined on the stone steps to the shrine. They were beautiful, mysterious and fantastic. They seemed to lead us to the shrine. We prayed for the safety of our trip.
   Kifune is popular as a summer resort and Kawadoko cooking. We can enjoy the cooking on a deck above the river. But it was regrettable that the Kawadoko restaurant was closed because of the rain.
   My shoes became soaked with rain. We went back to the hotel and I stuffed my shoes with newspaper.

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