Friday, August 30, 2019

My August

August 2019 was excellent. Of course we had the O-Bon holiday free, so this month was extra special. Here are some of the things that I did this month.
1. Followed High school baseball tournament in Osaka. Congratulations to Riseisha.
2. Read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.
3. Read Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare....twice!
4. Went to the gym 15 times (including tomorrow).
5. Visited team lab PLANET TOKYO Toyosu.
6. Had breakfast at Rokurinsha again. Met young USA Gaijin there and had b-fast with him.
7. Took a trip to Shikoku with Miwako by car. The trip was four nights.
8. Took a boat tour to see the Naruto whirlpool.
9. Visited Otsuka International Museum in Naruto.
10. Stayed one night on Shodoshima Island.
11. Met the in-laws at a highway parking area. (They live in Ehime)
12. Visited Olive Center. Had olive soft cream there.
13. Took a swim in the sea twice while on Shodoshima.
14. Dined at two nice Izakayas on the trip.
15. Drive across Naruto O-hashi, Seto O-hashi (twice) and the Shimanami Kaidou.
16. Drove 13.5 hours form Imamura, Ehime back home to beat the approaching typhoon.
17. Back home, went to Honganji Temple with Miwako to enjoy the Pipe Organ performance there (today).
18. Subscribed to National Geographic. Enjoyed reading my first volume.

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