Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Nagaoka Fireworks

Early this summer we decided to go to the Fireworks festival in Nagaoka, Niigata. We had never been there and we wanted to see it once in our lives. So, Miwkao got to work. She got all the info on-line and made reservations for all of us. That includes our two daughters and one son-in-law. She reserved our space at the event and my shinkansen reservation and a one-night stay at a hotel in Niigata City for after the event. I worked until noon that Saturday, then went to Omiya for lunch, bought a bento lunch and then rode the Bullet Train to Nagaoka station. From there I walked with thousands of other revellers to the site. I got in and then to my seat. After a while two more of our group came so the five of us waited another hour or so until the show started. It started at 7:20 and lasted until after 9pm. I must tell you that it was fantastic! We were oohing and awing and wowing. The colors were cool, the sounds were fantastic and sights were amazing. It was warm and there was a favorable breeze to keep us a little cool. The two bridges over the river to our left and right also lit up! At the end we all "waved" to the people on the other side of the river with our glowing lights that they gave us before the event. They waved back. Fabulous!

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