Friday, August 23, 2019

Niigata City and then home

We stayed at a very nice hotel in Niigata. I was up earlier than all, so I walked around the hotel and then to breakfast. It was very nice, too. It was still early so I read a little down in the lobby. When all woke up we get in the car and drove to a sushi shop. M found it in a guide book. It was out of the way = It was not near the station. So, we got a seat and had a delicious fresh seafood sushi brunch. Then we got in the car and headed to a food center to shop. We got some Japanese sake and snacks and I got a laminae drink. I like those. Then back in the car and headed home. All was smooth until we got into Saitama. That was about 4pm. The car navi told us to get off the highway. She claimed (said) that there was a traffic jam ahead. So we got off and down to Rite 17. We followed that all the way to Kounosu. Then the navi told us to change course again. She directed us to the west side of the tracks. OK. So, we followed that course. I was driving at this time. It seemed a round-about way but we got back home safely around 7pm. That was a nice two day trip. 

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