Thursday, August 22, 2019

After the Nagaoka fireworks

The Firework Festival in Nagaoka was so much fun as I said in yesterday's BLOG. When the show was over (finished) we all walked to our car. It took about 20 minutes. There were people walking everywhere. We walked through a couple of parking lots full of cars and buses. We crossed two streets and finally arrived at our car. Things didn't look good. NONE of the traffic was moving. It took ten minutes to get out of our parking spot. Then we got in line on one road. And then we didn't move. Everyone was trying to get some info from their smart phones. But no one could get a connection. So, we moved along slowly. And then we stopped. Then we moved maybe 5 meters. And then we stopped. Then we waited. This was the pattern for about two hours! We finally found a route that was moving slowly. We got to an open road and headed to the highway. We made a good choice. What was it? Miwako reserved a hotel room in Niigata City. That is the opposite direction of Tokyo. On our way we saw soooooo many cars waiting to get to the highway to  the south. So, we got to Niigata in about an hour. We stopped at a convenience store. Then we took our married daughter and her husband to their hotel. We finally checked into our hotel room after midnight. I was beat.

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