Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tokyo Adventure on Wheels Part 3

Now I was free to drive to Tokyo station. I looked at my map. Again, it was a piece of cake. I could follow Meiji Douri until it runs into Route 1. That route will go straight to the Imperial Palace. I have discovered that many roads lead to the Imperial Palace. For example: Shinjuku Douri, Yasukuni Douri, Roppongi Douri, Sakurada Douri, Aoyama Douri and  Route 17, just to name a few. The traffic was light. It was not backed up anywhere.  I passed by Tokyo Tower which I knew I would. I arrived at the Palace in no time. Then my two lanes veered right. I followed them. But OMG! I was then in the left turn lane. I had to back up! It was illegal and just a little but I did it. No police. Safe! Then I followed the road to Tokyo station. There I parked in front of Oazo Marunouchi Building. I went in and got a quick lunch at a Soup Restaurant. Then I bought two Shakespeare books at Maruzen. It was time go home. I checked my map. The entrance to the highway was quite nearby. I found it in Nihonbashi and entered. I drove straight home. I celebrated my adventure back home with a beer and some sake. All's well, that ends well.

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