Thursday, December 12, 2019

Dessert in Ueno

After the visit to the museum I took a walk around the station to get my bearings. That means to understand where I was and what my surroundings were. The weather was excellent so it was enjoyable. There were visitors here and there. I felt most were Japanese. I was getting hungry so decided to have lunch. I went to the station to find one restaurant that I visited earlier this year. It is in Atre on the 1st floor. I found it but it was rather expensive so I gave it up, and decided on a small cafe. I had a quiche. I then went to the 2nd floor and found a nice dessert shop. It is called             AZABO. I saw some yummy desserts in the display case. They included Japanese Azuki. I like Azuki. I went inside. I ordered my treat and then checked out the interior of the place. It was really cool. It is not colorful or flashy. The chairs and tables are wooden. There is a lot of space. The colors are green, brown. And there are black and white photographs in frames all around the walls. They include Clark Gable, Audrey Hepburn, Dean Martin and many Japanese movie stars. What's cool is that they are all so young! The dessert was good too.

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