Thursday, December 5, 2019

Lunch at Adomani

This is another lunch story. Once upon a time there was a not-so-young couple who lived in Japan. They sometimes travel, they sometimes go out and have cocktails, they sometimes have family dinners, they sometimes do activities together such as birdwatching, paying bridge or take a drive. Recently they had a lunch. One day the not-so-young husband said: "I think we should go out for lunch." The not-so-young wife agreed. She said "Good idea. Where shall we go?" The not-so-young husband said "How about Adomani. It's pretty good and we haven't been there in a while." The not-so-young wife said "That sounds good." So, they dressed up one Saturday afternoon as the not-so-young husband (Also a not-so-young teacher) drove to Kitamoto Adomani. It had been a long time. However the restaurant had not changed. They got a table immediately. The place was not so crowded. That was good. And the food was as delicious as always. The dessert was good, too. Our story has a happy ending.

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