Friday, December 13, 2019

Happy Birthday

My lovely wife, Miwako, had a birthday last month. She has one every year. Of course we all do until the end. So,as is our custom we go to a restaurant to celebrate the event. Are you familiar with the restaurant WAIZU? It's a  MONJU OKONOMIYAKI place. I looked it up in the net and found that there is one in Ageo, one in Kitamoto and one in Okegawa. We always go to the one in Ageo. When my brother visited in May, we took him and his lovely wife, to a similar restaurant in Ueno. Then we visited there again last month. But we all agree that WAIZU is better than that one. Also, they make the food for you. It is not fun to watch them. We find it more interesting and fun to do it ourselves. Of course, I never do it. There are enough cooks in our family for that. Anyway, we went there a couple of Saturdays ago. And on that Saturday I was not drinking. So I was the designated driver. That means that everyone else can imbibe if they want to. We enjoyed the party their. I am pretty sure there is nothing like that in America. I think I'll ask my brother. 

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