Tuesday, December 3, 2019

My November

It's the final month of 2019. Christmas is just around the corner and the Olympics happen next year. Are you ready for it all? Me, too. In the meantime, November just ended so I'd like to recap my month here.
1. Read Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and saw a movie on YouTube.
2. Read Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing and saw a movie on YouTube.
3. Taught many English classes this month as usual.
4. Had lunch with Miwako at Adomani, Kitamoto.
5. Did walking tour of Tokyo.
6. Breakfast at Kei Ou Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku.
7. visited Imperial Palace.
8. Bought two books at Maruzen, Tokyo.
9. Visited Meiji Shrine Garden.
10. Visited Ueno zoo to see the giraffes.
11. Had lunch at Angela in Kitamoto.
12. Lunched with Miwako at Chez Machio, Ageo.
13. Visited Enomoto Farm.
14. Took bicycle to Tokyo to explore.
15. Went to KaminariMon, Sensoji, Sky Tree and Sumida Hokusai Museum.
16. Reread Jules Vernes' 20,00 Leagues Under the Sea and followed the adventure on my globe.
17. Visit Ueno Museum of Western Art.
18. Dinner party to celebrate Miwako's 20th birthday.
19. Lined my brother every day.
20. Visited the gym 13 times.

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