Friday, December 20, 2019

Tokyo Adventure on Wheels Part 2

I was near Yoyogi Park. I used my phone to locate (find) the bakery. It was difficult. I finally parked in an underground parking and walked to the bakery using my phone. actually, you can park on the streets of Tokyo in many places for free on Sunday. But, many people use those parking spaces. So, it is difficult to find one. Well, I finally found the bakery, got in after a en minute wait and bought some baked goods and a bottle of mikan juice. I walked back to my car and checked my map. The route ot my next destination was simple. Just take the YamaTe Douri and then turn left at Meguro Douri. Simple! I did that and found the TeiEn museum in 20 minutes. I parked in their parking lot and toured the museum. There was an exhibition of artifacts form 1600 to 1700 China. But, the building is very impressive. I love it. It is A-ru Deco which means Art Deco in English. The ceilings, chandeliers, walls, stairways and windows are wonderful. This is my second visit here, I really appreciate its beauty and style. I also walked around the garden. I then set my course for my final destination, Tokyo station.

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