Tuesday, December 10, 2019

20,000 leagues Under the Sea revisited

I bought a globe. It is an excellent study for me. I use it find different locations and rivers and mountains as well as longitudes and latitudes. One reason I got it was because I read the book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. in that book they travel around the world. It mentions so many countries and seas and straights lakes and islands and positions. The positions are in latitude and longitude. I wanted to find these places. Of course, my smart phone could give me these answers but a globe is so much better because it is round, not flat. I use my globe constantly. It is right next to my seat at the dinner table. So, I decided to read the novel again. And this time I took my time. I found every name they mention in the book. One example is Polynesia. Did yo know there is a Polynesian Triangle? It is located in the area known as Oceania which is in the Pacific ocean. It includes the Hawaiian Island in the north, New Zealand in the south and Easter Island to the east. I starting rereading the novel on December 1st and then finished it up yesterday. It was an excellent study and of course reading the book twice is a good policy. They say "Reading a book once is like reading yesterday's newspaper."

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