Thursday, December 19, 2019

Tokyo Adventure on Wheels Part 1

My adventure to Tokyo on wheels means by car. It was a beautiful day. There were blue skies and no wind. The temperature rose to 14C. I did some neighborhood cleanup from 8AM to 9AM (See yesterday's BLOG) and then back home to clean up and was on the rode at 9:30. My plan was to drive to Tokyo by car. I would visit the 365days bakery which is in  Tomigaya, Shibuya City. Next I would drive to the Teien Museum in  Shiraganidai, Minato City. Then I would drive to Tokyo station where I would visit the Tokyo International Forum and Maruzen bookstore in Oazo building. WELL! I tried to use only maps and my good(?) sense during this trip. It started out well, as I got on the highway in Yono and drove smoothly on the highway. My first miscue came at the Itabashi junction. When I set the navi on my phone the day before it told me to go left here. But I went straight instead. I knew it wasn't bad because the straight route, highway C2, would take me to my destination. I entered a tunnel. Then the sign said that I was heading to the Toume Highway. OMG! That didn't sound good. I got off as soon as possible. When I did get off, there was a traffic jam. I finally got to my first destination, the 365 days bakery, about 11:30. Continued tomorrow.

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